Cannabis Retailer Crushing Retail Giants Apple and Tiffany In One Major Statistic

Led by a Team of Retail Experts, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF), is Disrupting The Retail Sector.  And They’ve Only Just Begun.

Nearly 7% of Americans are already using CBD. That number should increase now with the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill which federally legalized hemp-derived CBD—allowing hemp and cbd products to be transported across state lines– leaving CBD and cannabis stocks “poised to flourish”.[1]

Even more bullish were expectations based on research reports done by Brightfield Group which forecasts the CBD market to grow to over $22 billion by 2022.[2]

At the forefront of the CBD craze is Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF), which has already begun opening CBD shops across multiple US states, under its Seventh Sense brand name.

Led by former Victoria’s Secret/DSW/American Eagle Outfitters retail guru Peter Horvath, the company since its launch has subverted the typical cannabis retail experience—segmenting its brands by emotions rather than traditional customer demographics.

Since going public in November 2018, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) has made a serious impact in the cannabis space.  The company has opened multiple retail spaces, including a highly profitable cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas called The Source, and successfully sold its products in multiple third-party stores across multiple states. The company’s ascent has been prolific, analysts at Cannacord Genuity gave them a price target of $5.50 back in late November 2018 when the company was only trading at C$3.20.[3]

Green Growth Brands Outperforming Apple

At its highly productive flagship dispensary in Las Vegas, called The+Source, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) has proven its strong retail acumen. Upon its latest quarterly figures, the location alone took in a revenues of up to $3 million over just 53 days – just shy of being half of the full 92 say quarter.

Through Las Vegas dispensary, already sees revenues of approximately $15,700 per sqft—compared to an industry average of less than $2358 per sqft. The Source alone boasts revenues over 160% above average.

Acquired in September 2018, The Source has been quite profitable for the company. During the 52-day period, after the closing of the business combination on November 8 until December 31, 2018, the single location reported a revenue of $3.1 million, and consolidated gross profit of $1.3 million—or $25,000 in profit per day.

Collectively, this equates to $58,072 in revenues per day which annualized equates to roughly $21.2mm – signalling that Q3 should post much higher revenues versus that of Q2. In total, this equates to an annualized revenue per square foot of $15,177 – one of the most, if not the, highest figures in the industry. These revenues come from both its retail location, as well as that of wholesale sale via its production and cultivation facility.

From strictly a revenue-per-square-foot statistic, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) is in a league of its own. When one looks at MedMen Enterprises Inc., which is being labelled as the “Apple Store of Weed”, or even retail giant Apple Inc. itself, Green Grow this doubling or nearly doubling everyone in the playing field.  So what do we label Green Growth Brands if they are lapping the retail market?  The “King of Retail”?

As the cannabis and CBD sectors develop through a retail market and the development of new products, it’s worth looking at some comparables in the retail space—in particular, their revenue per square foot of retail space. Keeping this factor in mind, here are some companies that could be seen as Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) comparables.



Market Cap*

Last Price**


per Sq Ft

Green Growth Brands










Planet 13















Cannabis Industry Average[4]


Retail Industry Average[5]


* Planet 13, Apple and Tiffany figures have been converted to CAD using an exchange rate of 1.33
** Last price based on March 3, 2019

Across the entire legal cannabis industry, the average revenue per square foot is currently $2,358 per square foot. With Apple leading the way at $7376 per square foot,  the entire retail sector lags behind averaging only $432 per square foot. This is where the opportunity witnessed by CEO Peter Horvath and his team of retail experts saw Green Growth’s potential to shatter expectations, and take in an industry leading $15,177 per square foot.

On December 5, 2018, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) was awarded seven new licenses to operate dispensaries in Nevada. In total, the company now has nine dispensary licenses in the state, and has already announced plans to acquire the sister location of The+Source Las Vegas, located in Henderson, Nevada. Closing on this location is expected before the end of the fiscal year.

Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) retail dispensaries are not limited to Nevada, as the company has licenses to operate dispensaries and cultivation sites in Massachusetts, and Arizona.

Rapid In-Store Experience Expansion Through Mall Deals

Source: Green Growth Brands | Investor Deck

The rollout and expansion of Green Growth Brands (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) products doesn’t need to be restricted to cannabis dispensaries. Thanks to the legalization of hemp-derived CBD at the federal level, the company has the ability to seize upon the opportunity and deliver its CBD-infused products across the country through strategic partnerships. 

Customers can prepare to see Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) in malls across the country, as the company signed a partnership deal with Simon Property Group Inc. (NYSE: SPG), one of the largest US retail developers, to open kiosks and stores in nearly 100 shopping centers.

Built around the idea of the small footprint and thus the inherently low rental fees, GGB’s kiosks are expected to generate consistent margins of roughly 32% EBITDA. Although small in square footage, the kiosks are designed to be high in impact, delivering revenues of $1,250 per square foot annually within the first year of implementation. This equates to roughly $228,000 per kiosk – of which Green Growth intends to have 302 operational by years end. The company in total expects to generate an estimated $30mm in revenues from these small shops in FY 2019 alone.

“It’s going to be an explosion across the country,” said CEO Peter Horvath, in an interview with BNN Bloomberg[6]. “There’ll be 100 million footsteps that will be exposed to CBD products by the end of the year.”

This rollout will take place in 95 SPG-owned shopping malls across the US, in 108 locations. The kiosks will offer approximately 40 different CBD-infused topical beauty products that will sell for between US$19-$29 per item.

In total, Green Growth Brands (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) plans to open 302 retail kiosks by the end of the FY 2019. The company wasted no time in announcing the opening of their new Seventh Sense CBD shops, beginning with its first at the Fayette Mall in Lexington, Kentucky, followed by two in Indiana and Tennessee.

DSW Deal and Other Retail Partnerships

Not only is Green Growth Brands (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) handling sales through its own retail spaces (dispensaries, kiosks), but the management team has tapped into its industry connections to get their products on even more shelves.

The first major deal of this sort was when Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) announced an agreement with DSW Inc. (NYSE: DSW) to sell hemp-derived CBD personal care products under the Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy brand at select DSW stores throughout the US.

Undoubtedly, the connection to Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) was enhanced by CEO Peter Horvath’s previous experience with the footwear and accessories retailer. DSW’s reach spans 515 warehouses in 44 states, as well as e-commerce site, Also, through its Affiliated Business Group, DSW operates 290 leased departments for other retailers in the United States, and is a co-investor in Town Shoes in Canada, which operates 188 retail locations under several banners.

“DSW is the number one full line adult footwear specialty retailer in North America,” said Peter Horvath, in the announcement[7]. “They have revolutionized shopping for shoes and accessories and we are thrilled they chose to partner with our company, allowing us to introduce a new product category to their customers.”

“The Agreement, and the deepening relationship with DSW, is the first step in our strategy to expand sales of personal care CBD products through external partnerships, in mall kiosks, and through a growing number of stores and online,” added Horvath.

The partnership was an instant success, as during the first 10 weeks of a test period, 74.4% of all the Seventh Sense products presented on shelves was sold, which significantly exceeded expectations.

Branding and Taking the Lead in the CBD Space

There are a wide variety of offerings Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) is putting on the market, with an aim to have something for everyone—Including the self-care botanical therapy Seventh Sense line of CBD-infused products, an outdoorsy/active living niche of its CAMP brand, a surf culture Meri + Jayne brand, feminine targeted Green Lily botanical products, a Just Healthy line, and the flagship dispensary subsidiary, The+Source.

Already, Seventh Sense is being sold in its own branded outlets, and in DSW locations. However, the long-term vision doesn’t end with just Seventh Sense.

Among the company’s assets so far, there is perhaps the greatest potential for further expansions through water solubility. Through its state-of-the-art, patent-pending developer brand XanthicBiopharma Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) controls a proprietary process to make THC and CBD water soluble. The company gains a seemingly limitless potential to develop new products, from beauty products to edibles and drinks.

Exceptional Management Team with History of Retail Dominance

“The team we’ve put together is arguably one of the top retail teams in any market, let alone cannabis.”- Peter Horvath, CEO of Green Growth Brands

Stacked with so much retail talent, the Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) team is built to be a powerful sales force in any industry, let alone the newly emerging cannabis industry. At the top, the company’s leaders have each been C-Suite executives at top level retail brands such as Victoria’ Secret, American Eagle, DSQ, and Bath & Body Works, just to name a few.

Here’s a quick look at Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) world class brand-building management team:

Peter Horvath, CEO: A master of strategy and execution, Peter has held leadership roles for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, DSW, and Limited Brands. Under his leadership, shoe retailer DSW went public on the NYSE with a $1.5 billion IPO. Peter was also responsible for raising CAD$85 million in a private placement to fund Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF), far exceeding the original target of CAD$55 million. What makes Peter Horvath a truly unique leader is his passion for working directly with employees of all levels. This is not an “ornamental CEO” focused solely on raising capital.

Randy Whitaker, COO Veteran retail executive Randy Whitaker was brought in to oversee Real Estate, Stores, Shops, and eCommerce for Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF). He worked with Peter Horvath for many years at Victoria’s Secret, bringing an impressive track record as a world-class operator for both Victoria’s Secret and most recently for Belk, Inc. During his five years as EVP, Store Operations at Victoria’s Secret, Randy Whitaker was responsible for 1,100 stores that delivered US$6 billion in annual revenue while maintaining at US$2 billion operating expense budget.

Scott Razek, CMO: A marketing genius with 25 years of experience under his belt, Scott has led the creative and marketing teams for retail brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, American Eagle Outfitters, and Limited Stores. This level of branding experience is something very few cannabis competitors can claim.

Kellie Wurtzmann, CSO: Kellie has managed operations across multiple retail sectors for top retail brands such as Luxottica, Victoria’s Secret, and Virgin Entertainment. Kellie’s big brand experience is a key asset in identifying and supporting business development opportunities for the company.

5 Reasons

Green Growth Brands (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) Has Earned The Attention Of Investors


Strong Profitability Per Sq Ft

With an Annualized Net Revenue of approximately $15,177 per square foot, Green Growth Brands has the strongest reported figure in the cannabis and retail sectors. While the brands and locations of their cannabis stores’ growing footprints will all be different, each store will be customer-centric, and well-designed for high-productivity and an intuitive merchandise assortment.


Rapid Retail Mall Expansion

Through deep connections made through management’s time with other major retail names, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) has a plan to open 302 retail kiosks by the end of the FY 2019. This will be powered by a major partnership deal signed with one of the largest US retail developers, Simon Property Group, to open kiosks and stores in nearly 100 shopping centers to sell CBD-infused topical beauty products across the US.


Lucrative Retail/Branding Partnerships

Leveraging a previous relationship, Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) signed a major deal with DSW to sell hemp-derived CBD personal care products under the Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy brand at select DSW stores throughout the US. The deal taps into DSW’s reach that spans 515 warehouses in 44 states.


Leading the Way in CBD and Branding

The Seventh Sense brand line from Green Growth Brands is the first to launch, with a rollout through the SPG kiosk deal offering 40 different CBD-infused topical beauty products. The company is targeting several different markets through emotion-based targeting, rather than simple demographics. Already through a test program, the Seventh Sense brand sold 74.4% of products sold through DSW in 10 weeks.


Exceptional Retail-Driven Management Team

The Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE:GGB) (OTC:GGBXF) is built around a superior pedigree of retail experience. Led by CEO Peter Horvath, whose experience includes successes with Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, DSW, and Limited Brands, and adding in minds from DSQ, Luxottica, Virgin Entertainment and Bath & Body Works, the company is stacked and ready to revolutionize the cannabis retail space.


Green Growth Brands Inc. (GGB:CNX)

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