Brexit Is A Total Joke – Retail Investors Smoked On Pound

Britain isn’t going anywhere.

In a world where tensions between East and West continue to escalate, do you really think “now” is a time for the West to divide? Not a chance…..not in a million years. Not to mention the fact that the referendum isn’t set to go off until June 23rd! Th pound has been “pounded” down to serious levels of long-term support ( 1.39 area in general ) and has 3 full months to go ’til this “ridiculous exercise in bureaucracy” plays out.

What is happening?
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union to be held on Thursday 23 June.
What is a referendum?
A referendum is basically a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part, normally giving a “Yes” or “No” answer to a question. Whichever side gets more than half of all votes cast is considered to have won.

I am looking for serious trade opportunities in GBP over coming weeks, but am patient enough to wait a little longer. We are close “level wise” but timing is always a factor.

USD down as well stocks cratering – as suggested. My first set of orders were picked up last night around dinner time.

Could be in for a “quick hit” here as markets are still trading in a fairly “blurry range”….but I expect downside to continue. Responsible trading has me holding small orders with a watchful eye.

Getting stopped out is a good thing remember….as you can’t win every time.

Key is to just to keep those losses small.




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  1. wgr2015 February 24, 2016 / 11:41 am

    Excellent insight, thank you.

  2. Superpositron (@superpositron) February 26, 2016 / 6:04 am

    Im not sure a BREXIT signals a divided Europe. Britain would still stand together in solidarity with other european countries on many foreign policies. Imagine an alternate reality where Britain had never been part of the EU. Imagine we where holding a referendum in June to join or not, knowing what we know 90% of the country would scoff at the idea as laughable and absurd. It would be a slam dunk NO vote. Ill vote leave though its likely we wont leave as most people who will vote don’t really understand what they are voting for and fear change. The EU is not the future. Its the past. Its inability to move fast and decisively on important issues shows its mortal weakness. The EU parliamentarians are unelected technocrats who couldn’t manage a fortune 500 company let alone a continent with a population of 500 million. The federalists of the EU don’t care about individual nationhood and culture. They see a homogenised society which is out of step. This is driving moderate people to the right. Britain leaving the EU would be the best thing that ever happened for the EU. Europe is in a managed decline and Britain leaving will be the shock they need to sort themselves out. I love Europe. But i have to leave you.

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