CNBC's Josh Brown – A Clown Down Town

Josh Brown just told the American public to BUY Emerging Markets.

I bite my tongue ( on occasion ) but in this case… – I really feel sorry for people.

Please plan to check back in here in a week. Let’s see how this trade works out.




2 Responses

  1. Tim June 23, 2014 / 8:56 pm

    Hmm I’m thinking short rather than buy, but common sense is not something investors seem to appreciate. Rinse, Spin, Repeat.

    • Pot Stock Watch June 24, 2014 / 6:27 am

      You my friend…..are on the right track.

      Crazy advice from the guy when you consider emerging markets would essentially need to “break out” in order for the trade to make sense.

      Hmmmmm……Iraq / Ukraine / Global GDP slashes daily hmmm………

      These guys are just selling their stock at the top, to the poor and unsuspecting viewer at home.

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