Investment Ants – Do As Ants Do

Indulge me for a moment as “I” – am like “you”.

Imagine yourself for moment – as an ant. One of many ants on the farm.

Living out your life, sandwiched between two panes of glass, sitting atop some desk somewhere in some kids bedroom or perhaps atop a desk at oh…..let’s say the Federal Reserve.

Years ago, your grandparents lived out their lives there as well. Innocently going about their business day-to-day, completely unaware of the immense curiosity “looming” outside the confines and safety of the farm.

“Hey Allan……you know….it’s been just over 5 years now staring at this damn ant farm of yours.”

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just… know – flipped it upside down”?

“Let’s do it! They’re ants for Petes sake! Let’s flip this thing upside down and see what happens!”

Low and behold.┬áMagically…….everybody lands on their feet.

After a brief period of confusion “somehow” the ants just “accept it”… start to rebuild, and continue on their way. No glass broken…no “collective ball” near the exit at the top no. Just ants…completely unaware……doing what ants do.

The first time was a gamble sure….as The Fed had no idea “what might happen” but……these days?

Shit…….these days? They shake that thing up….flick paperclips at it, and will most certainly “once again” – turn things upside all-knowing……

We ants will just keep doing what ants do.


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