Kramer Knows Everything – Says Yellen Should Sell

Your beloved KramerĀ of CNBC fame just suggested “It’s time for Yellen to ring the register”.

I tune in to CNBC at times to get a good dose of what “home investors” are being fed these days, and was actually quite surprised here this morning.

As CNBC’s ratings and viewership continued to plunge ( to the absolute lowest levels in the history of the channel ) frankly I get “more interested” in what nonsense they are coming up with.

Could it be that they are actually leaning more towards telling the truth with hopes of staying on the air?

You’d have to imagine a room full of executives praying to god they will still have jobs come Christmas time thinking “hmmmm……perhaps we should do something about the format….we’ve gotta save this thing!”.

Not like they really have much choice in the matter, having their headlines / scripts / stories spoon fed to them from the “boys upstairs” ( the media big wigs who are also Central Bank big wigs, corporate America big wigs etc…) but to what ever degree they can – perhaps a bit of “reality” can creep in.

Kramer says “Yellen should sell” with respect to the now “4 Trillion Dollar Balance Sheet” The Fed is currently holding. That’s a whole lotta stocks n bonds isn’t it?

So the question begs regardless…….

If not now……..then when?

And even more so – How?


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