Lithium Stocks Are Gonna Fly



Watch for it gang. One World Lithium (CSE:OWLI) gonna get it’s thing on here this week as HUGE NEWS IS COMING!

You’ve all heard the hype surrounding Lithium and the incredible applications / needs for future tech like car batteries /  aerospace and even mental health (strange but true).

The Global X Lithium and Battery ETF has only “just now” began to breakout, paving the way for many, MANY excellent value trades / investments in several smaller Lithium companies down at these levels.

Remember: WE BUY IN THE RED and SELL IN THE GREEN Right? Right?

I have done a pile of research on several smaller mining companies, who all stand to gain considerably from a break out in Lithium names in general. One World is 100% completely and totally oversold.


This company is on the verge of something big. Ie…….a major deposit on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico ( go figure eh? ) could soon be announced as one of the largest found in recent years. I’m talking about a major, major discovery.

Personally, I can’t imagine lower. The demand for lithium is insane, and “any” new discovery / deposit will be serious news – globally.

Take it for what it is: I am a buyer down here – no questions asked. Eight Cents? Common.

Lithium Stocks For Value Investing

Lithium Stocks For Value Investing

The Salar del Diablo Property is about the same size and has similar geologic attributes as the Salar de Atacama ( huge deposit in Argentina ) , which has two lithium/brine productions with one of them, SQM that produces 27% of the world ‘s supply and has 15% of global reserves.

A little more about the company:

The Salar del Diablo Lithium Property (CSE: OWLI)

The Salar del Diablo is a 103,430-hectare (400 square mile) property that covers a large salar. The Property is located in the State of Baja California, Mexico.



 For you hardcore miners….lots of more granular info here at their website:


  • One of the larger salars in the world that is being drilled in 2019 with a 4,250 meter (14,000 feet) in 12 drill holes that started on May 24, 2019. The initial 5 drill holes did not reach the planned total depth to intersect their targets. The drilling program will resume in the fall of 2019 which may include re drilling of some of the five holes.


  • A large property covering a 103,430 hectare or 400 square mile salar.


  • All 83 geochemical surface samples taken over 80 kilometers had an average grade of 78 parts per million(ppm) lithium. 59 of these geochemical samples taken within the geophysical survey grid have an average grade of 86 ppm lithium that defines a geochemical anomaly covering 150 square kilometers. As surface samples, these results are anomalous.


  • The five geological conditions that are necessary to develop lithium brine are present at the Property, which include hot springs, a volcanic source rock containing lithium, fault structures, a closed basin (meaning that water does not escape the basin), and a regional volcanic heat source.


  • Initial geological analysis indicates an extensive and active structural environment including both north-south and lateral faults that are present throughout the survey area.


  • Geophysical survey results identified 3 large highly conductive zones that cover more than 54 square kilometers and may indicate the presence of brines.


  • Zone One may be more than 100 meters (300 feet) thick and zone three may be more than 200 meters (600 feet) thick.
  • The salar is estimated (based on prior gravity surveys) to be 8,000 feet deep at the western margin and could contain lithium-bearing aquifers that may be stacked to depth.
  • The Salar del Diablo is located 35 km from San Felipe, which is a regional service center that will likely reduce exploration and development costs. It also has a seaport that may be upgraded to ship product worldwide, including Asia.
  • The Salar del Diablo is about the same size and has similar geologic attributes as the Salar de Atacama, which has two lithium/brine produces with one of them, SQM that produces 27% of the world ‘s supply and has 15% of global reserves.

Closing Notes

As I see it these guys are sitting on something absolutely incredible, but of course – we can’t know until we know for sure! Do your own homework and trade safe.

I’m lookin at Lithium and I’m lookin at value. I’m looking at One World Lithium ( CSE: OWLI )



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