Ring The Bell – I Marvel At The Greed

Are you dense?

Let me ask you…….What “will it take” for you to call your broker and ring the bell on your top 5 winners? That one account….the one that has performed “sooooo well” and is just sitting there “dripping with profit”.

What’s it gonna take? 5 points higher? 10 points higher?

How about 50 points lower? Ya……that’s what I figured. Sell on red – as retail will always do.

I remember a wise man telling me once “you buy low ( on red ) and you sell high ( on green ).

It’s simply amazing to me that retail investors continue to “define themselves” by doing the complete opposite so consistently that an entire industry ( the financial industry ) has grown to the mammoth that it is…..simply laying in wait.

Retail will do as retail will do. Make a change. Do something different today.

Bank “a few” of your winners and go for a nice long walk. You’ll feel good.

And you won’t miss a thing.

I remain short USD.

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  1. madness April 16, 2015 / 5:28 am

    Hi Kong,

    More equity madness. Earnings constantly being downgraded and then when these are “beaten”, markets use that as an excuse to rally. Chinese data appalling yet that’s seen as an excuse for Chinese QE.

    I refuse to believe those highly paid traders at the big institutions are looking at all this and thinking, “now is a great time to buy”. There must be something else behind the scenes?

    What’s your view on JPY? I know you always stated that when risk does finally come off, JPY will strengthen against everything. Do you still hold this view? I think Japan is heading for oblivion. Only thing that can save the currency in the short/medium term is comments stating that there will be no more QE or that JPY is under-valued? Besides that, the Currency (against US$) has been in a fairly tight range with no signs of breaking out either way.

    I am looking at CADJPY – yesterdays 200 pip rally of the low was intense yet this was purely driven by CAD which was partially driven by oil and no rate cut by BOC (together with some soothing words about how things will improve later in the year). Do you think this is heading back up to 103.00-106.00 which we saw last Nov-Dec or do you think it’s more likely to fall back to 90.00-91.00 area?

    USDCAD is looking very strong, has rejected 1.2800 a few times now and if it manages to hold below 1.2250, the fall to 1.1900-1.2100 could come very quickly. But I think oil needs to hold current highs for this to happen.

    Thank you.

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