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Again….if you can find a way to pull yourself from the T.V long enough – you’ll see it eventually.

You’ve got to formulate your own ideas, else fall in line behind the sheep and pigs in front of you.

Greece. Not even close to being resolved.

China. Total economic stall/retraction.

U.S.A. Already in recession.

The Global Economy….already on its heels.

The bottom in oil, silver and gold will come SLOWLY…….. then rip your face off.

You continue to ease in… remain patient and look to add once we see USD topple.

Today is just another day….another win in along string of “many”.

Holding…all trades entered “short risk” YA……yesterday a.m

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  1. Madness July 24, 2015 / 4:12 am

    Hi Kong,

    Looks like risk off is finally being to take shape 🙂

    Commodity complex collapsing, China imploding, poor figures out of Europe and UK, poor market internals. Would be very surprised if the “risk on” meme continues on much longer. Even more CB intervention will be short lived. I say let CB’s buy stock. Let’s see them explain to the populace when these stocks collapse when many firms go bankrupt.

    Positioned myself in US equities after last weeks mini “Greece is fixed rout” and also in FX and now positioned short on Dax too.

    Besides long JPY and shorting commodity currencies seem to be the order of play. Doesn’t feel like any other pair is worth the risk. EUR, GBP, USD, all have their issues, all depends which is the best of the bad bunch.

    I live in UK and it is looking very precarious (no matter what the politicians say). Chancellor is insisting upon £20-£40bn cuts, much of it from welfare. Poor quality jobs being created so with the tax cuts and low quality job creation, can’t see how BOE will raise rates later in the year no matter what they say. This will cause GBP to fall as the current price is implying a rate hike which in my opinion, isn’t going to happen. We should see much more negative economic data out of UK in months to come.

    Positions taken, now lets see how it all plays out.

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