THC BioMed – Marketing Outline For You John

Hey John,

I’ve been working with Google and Google AdWords for the past 15 years.

I jumped out “ahead” of the marijuana industry in Canada some months back, when I started the newsletter here at Pot Stock Watch…as well as a number of campaigns targeting “investment in Canadian marijuana companies”.

As it stands I can drive hundreds of qualified clicks per day to both THC Bio Med as an “investment opportuntiy”, as well to your online dispensary / medical sales as well the clone product.

All my campaigns are not only “geo targeted” but also target very specific gender and age ranges for any given industry.

Please see my Google Analytics “demographic breakdown” for the current campaigns targeting investment in Canadian marijuana companies.

The traffic is “highly targeted” being 85% male between the ages of 35-65+.

I run PPC ads in Google Adwords and point these ads to “articles” here at Pot Stock Watch and/or can generate these camapigns “specifically” for you at THC Bio Med with a touch more coding /design and implementation.

Google loves the content, and I generally get the best cost per click available. I can write “sponsored articles” specific to THC Biomed  and / or simply edit my current pages to reflect a single company promotion.

An example of one of the articles currently taking traffic:

The keywords I run are also highly targeted as I´ve been doing this for a very long time, and there is no sense “paying for a click” if that click has little likelihood of “converting to a sale”.

A small example of keywords currently generating traffic at Google:

I can very quickly divert / customize my current marketing efforts to point directly to YOU John  ( or work directly with you to create these campaigns under an account of your own ) …as we are obviously still a ways out.

I’m sure you get the point as I am already “fully locked and loaded” when the time comes to “turn on the tap”.

I would also like to discuss directly marketing your clone product, as I am very confident I can develop landing pages and campaigns to  dramatically increase sales there as well.

Have a look at this. We can then plan to chat about the numbers.

Kong has about 14k FB followers and 6K twitter as well the news letter ( Kongs Pot Stock Watch ) grows by 20-30 users a day in recent days.

I plan to blow this industry up online…..I’m just a little early!