Timing The Trade – Timing Is Everything

We can throw this around all day – as the disconnects in our current market place grow larger by the minute. Anyway you cut it – the bulls have their day, then the bears……then a gorilla squeezes off a trade or two, then back to the bulls then the bears . Round n round it goes.

We knew this was going to be the case. We knew months ago that this “scenario” (of massive Central Bank intervention and manipulation) was going to present some very difficult trading conditions. When you boil it all down – over the past few months everyone has been right………and everyone has been wrong.

Timing is everything.

If you don’t have the mindset to sit and watch your computer screen daily, or even “check in” on any number of indicators/news/charts daily ( even hourly ) you’ve really got no business being involved with this thing at all.

“Buy and hold” is some kind of “strategy from the middle ages” considering the volatility and manipulation in markets as of now. And for those without the experience / ability  – “active trading” has also proven to be a real account killer in the past few months.

Timing is everything.

If you’re not “aware” of specific price levels, certain areas of support and resistance, general intermarket dynamics, and maybe even a couple of standard “chart patterns”, let alone willing to physically “do the work” it’s highly HIGHLY unlikely you could have much expectation of making a buck.

Timing is everything.

Ask yourself this – If everything was “O.K” ( I mean seriously…..O.K ) why the hell is every single Central Bank on the planet looking to print money like it’s going out of style?

If you think you can “pick a direction” then just “put your cash on red” and go to sleep at night oh boy……this is exactly what you’re expected to do.

I’ll likely be called nuts but……..as per my own macro analysis and the fact that I monitor several markets and their relationships to one another. I’m inclined to think this “USD pop” has about run its course! In as little as two days!

I’m 100% cash and am “already leaning short USD” if you can imagine how fast / nimble one needs to be to keep pulling profits outta this thing. As per usual I will exercise patience, patience and even more patience – looking to redeploy funds sometime next week.



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