U.S Dollar To Bounce – Then Dive

The U.S.D short’s have been amazing, and the profits are in the bank.

Several of the usual trolls lurking ’round Kong have been silenced, and the world is a beautiful place, with both The British Pound as well The Australian Dollar looking a little “top-heavy” here.

I expect a modest bounce in USD and in turn, a pullback in oil and commodity related names in general.

The stock market? You can have it. If waking up every single day to this endless back n forth / see-saw is your idea of a good time…..all power to you. Having “not paid attention to it has been one of the most liberating moves of this entire 2015.

Stocks are going nowhere. Nowhere this month, nowhere next month and then down for the forseeable future.

The US Dollar now at 4 month lows will pop for a small correction “upward” here – ┬áthen she’s all down hill.


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