USD Sliding Closer – Japan Already Off The Edge

Not exactly the “best end to the year” for the good ol Nikkei eh?

Down some 6-700 points over the past two days.

You know I’ve recently been focused on USD, but lets not forget – the insane QE program of The BOJ is “still” propping up USD/JPY and U.S Equities the best it can.

Even though the entire planet clearly recognizes…it’s “end game for Japan”. I can’t imagine a single long term / medium term investor could possibly “still believe” that The BOJ is going to print / buy itself out of the current “never ending spiral” of the Japanese economy. No chance. End game Japan.

So…..USD has “almost” created the “swing high” I’m looking for ( falling short by a point er two ) while U.S Equities have struggled. The SP 500 has now fallen “back into the expanding megaphone pattern”.

What happened to all the “year end buying” and all the chatter online of the “bonuses on Wall St” / and continued move into stocks?

What a load of crap.

The Central Banks are starting to lose the “confidence game” if you ask me….and I’m equally confident that Draghi and the ECB will also dissapoint here mid January.

So what’s left?

Day in, day out….the constant debate of “how many points higher The SP will go”? Wow….even if it’s 2130 or 2200 for that matter…it only amount to a couple days worth of trade action.

I’m looking to stick a fork in this thing.

The low volume / holiday season type action does nothing for you short term guys. If you’re not looking at the “medium term” swing upon us well…..get used to another couple of weeks with no clear advantage.

I’m looking to jump on this “short USD” trade as outlined a couple days ago. So far……( short of pulling the trigger ) I like what I see.

Members will get the trades here in real time as they come to fruition.

Happy New Year everyone!

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