Gold Mountain Mining Hits Paydirt At Its Elk Gold Project!

Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V:GMTN)
Hits Paydirt At Its Elk Gold Project!

Stunning gold and silver intercepts in its most recent announcements!

To move these discoveries forward, one of the world’s leading mine development companies is now on location, pushing ahead of a planned production launch this year!

  • Company reports multiple intercepts yielding incredible gold and silver mineralization…as much as ten-times higher than cut-off grades!
  • One intercept logged an astonishing 216g/ton Au assay believed to mark a potential million-ounce vein!
  • These recent exploration intercepts come on top of its previously disclosed half-million-ounce gold equivalent resource!
  • Independent (NI43-101) analysis puts the company’s pre-exploration net present value at $212 million…that’s over 2.5-times current market cap!
  • A recent $10 million private placement locked down capital resources for advanced exploration, resource development and commencement of mining activity by Q4 2021!
  • There’s still time to get in on a bonanza…this could be among the biggest finds in decades!

If you’re looking for a record-setting growth opportunity, then get started on this now!


An Urgent Note to All Growth Oriented Investors:

Don’t let this one get by you. There’s still time to act.

Gold Mountain shares have already climbed around 80% this year as news of its progress spreads. But with these recent exploration results the current trading range could be simply a launch point!

Now is the time to investigate the potential. Gold Mountain remains at entry-level prices, yet for now still remains under the radar. That can’t last long…especially now that JDS Mining is on site moving forward with a mine development plan.

JDS Mining signals the early-entry opportunity. Now is the time to act!

JDS is one of the biggest, most respected mine engineering firms in the world. It reports dozens of mining operations underway worldwide, covering North and South America as well as Africa and Australia. For this company to be on site at Gold Mountain’s Elk Gold Project speaks volumes to the potential. Don’t overlook what this means.

Resource investors follow JDS like hungry puppy dogs looking for early-entry opportunities. Their presence on the Gold Mountain project indicates something big may be on the way, and that makes this an especially urgent opportunity.

Could Gold Mountain Mining be on the brink of a breakout?

If so, the launch could trace out a rocket trajectory!

Exploration companies on the threshold of major discoveries can yield stunning gains when you catch them early. Triple-digit, even quadruple-digit gains are not uncommon. That’s why getting started on your due diligence into Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) is so urgent. You want to be in front of this as news gets out and most importantly, before the company begins gold (and silver) production.

How big could this get to be? It can be stunning!

Early Great Bear investors pocketed over 1,600% gains!

Here’s what happened in similar circumstances. Shareholders made fortunes from companies like Great Bear Resources that rocketed from around $1 to over $16 as news of its growing resource base was made public!

Another example, Kodiak Mining shot up over 600% on its own Canadian gold and copper discoveries! Hopefully, you get the idea. Companies like these can be massive money-makers!

By bringing in JDS Mining to begin pre-feasibility work, Gold Mountain signaled aggressive, advanced-stage development of its Elk Gold Project in British Columbia.

Don’t ignore this signal…it could make a fortune for you!

Act quickly though. Gold Mountain management reports it could be producing gold before the end of this year. They’re making substantial progress toward that goal:

  • Gold Mountain has locked in mining costs with a very well established first-nation majority owned mining contractor. This contractor is scheduled to begin work later this year and will provide all transport services for the delivery of gold ore to the buyer.
  • Gold Mountain locked in an ore purchase contract with a major $1.4b market cap buyer. Under the terms of the contract, Gold Mountain controls the scale and assay labs for evaluating ore prior to delivery and once delivered will receive payment within 17 days.
  • Gold Mountain intends to begin mining site preparation work in early May, building new roads, upgrading water management, site facilities and commencing waste rock removal in preparation for ore recovery. This is important because when the mining permit arrives, ore recovery can begin immediately with revenue flow quickly following.

These are largely surface mine development activities. In the same time frame, JDS will be on site engineering and planning for commencement of underground mining that targets the Elk Gold Project below surface resource potential. Once underground ore recovery is launched, Gold Mountain expects to see a significant increase in the scale of production and resource calculations that can accrue to shareholder value.

As for current shareholder value, Gold Mountain may already be significantly underpriced.

The company reports a half million ounces of gold resources already located…yet its stock still trades at roughly one-third of the pre-tax net present value (NPV) of those resources.

That valuation comes directly from an independent 43-101 report filed last year and investors have taken notice…shares have been climbing steadily since Q3 last year.

On 10/31/2020, Gold Mountain Mining was trading at 46¢ Canadian. As of 3/31/21, shares rose hit $1.28, though some early profit trading triggered a buy opportunity that you can take advantage of today! Most important, this appears to be just getting started. For comparison, Great Bear Resources launched from around a dollar and eventually cracked $16!

Clearly, an investor looking to profit from this discovery should act without delay.

Should this trend favorably, it could mean big gains for early shareholders. Despite currently trading as a low-priced-stock junior, Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) has launched operations well ahead of a typical of early-stage junior.

They already know there’s gold in the ground…and lots of it.

Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) reports that thanks to previous exploration and mine results, over a half million ounces gold resources are reported at the Elk Gold Project site.

These kind of resource figures are almost unheard of among entry-level junior gold companies.

Now, following recently announced exploration results, it appears that half-million ounces could be just a starting point.

On March 10, the company announced results from its Phase 1 Drill Program. (Now published on the company website.) The numbers were extraordinary. From a cut-off grade of 0.9 grams/ton gold (Au), assays on over 39 meters of core averaged 4.99g/t gold assays…over five-and-one-half-times cut-off grade!

While it is too early to make resource estimates from these data, experienced geologists are seeing signs that this could be a million-ounce deposit or greater!

This is why a world-class mine engineering company like JDS was quick to move on site. The potential here appears to have enormous financial implications that could, as this plays out, substantially multiply a Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) shareholder’s long-term gains!

Keep in mind, junior exploration companies rarely have the talent and cash to go beyond discovery.

That’s just not the case here. The fact that JDS is now on site and that $10 million has just been raised to proceed with site development sends urgent signals to consider the investment potential in Gold Mountain without delay.

If you are looking for outsized profit opportunity in gold, it doesn’t get more promising than this.

Important Note:
Information on past production is pulled from the Elk Gold Technical Report entitled “NI 43-101 Technical Report Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on the Elk Gold Project” dated September 21, 2020, effective July 3, 2020 and filed on Freeform Capital Partner Inc.’s SEDAR profile on

The Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) Preliminary Economic Assessment (available now through the company website) for the Elk Gold Project projects the company in positive cash flow within a month of launching mining operations.

This is not a pipe dream. The company is well financed through that $10 million private placement to carry through with its plans for gold production. If things go as charted, Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) could be selling gold ore concentrate in Q4, 2021, which is why Gold Mountain shares today could be hugely undervalued in context with the company’s 2021 development plans.

Now is the time to get started on Gold Mountain.  With a massive $10 million private placement already on the books, everything is on track for gold revenue to begin flowing Q4, 2021.

Could you profit from this news? Absolutely!

However, the opportunity to grab a ground floor position may be fleeting. With a $10 million equity deal in the books and 500,000 ounces of gold resources in the ground, Gold Mountain is not likely to remain off-radar much longer.

As soon as equipment starts rolling in and groundwork gets underway, investors who closely follow British Columbia gold and silver mining projects could come swooping in. You can anticipate that share prices move rapidly through 2021 as resource updates and mining activity reports are released.

 Now is the time to get in front of this and here’s where to start with your due diligence.

Go to the company website. Register your email address. Stay ahead of the news.

Here’s another reason why Gold Mountain Mining’s Elk Gold Project could rocket at any time now.

It sits in British Columbia’s prolific gold-bearing geology…surrounded by ongoing exploration and mining!

To provide perspective over the abundance of valuable minerals being found in the Elk Gold region, the nearby Brenda Mine prolifically produced over decades, totaling:[1]

  • 278,000 tonnes of Copper
  • 66,000 tonnes of Molybdenum
  • 125 tonnes of Silver
  • 2 tonnes of Gold

This is just a piece of the gold mining activity that permeates the entire British Columbia province. Since the first gold rush in the latter part of the 1800s, at least 24 separate gold rushes have been recorded in British Columbia.[2] It has only been in recent years with soaring gold prices and modernized mining techniques has gold mining resurged.

Many of the prospects that abound in British Columbia have a solid history of exploration activity and resource calculation.

The Elk Gold Project stands out, not just for its current resources, but for its history. Mining on the site dates back to 1992 when 51,000 ounces of gold was produced…worth nearly $100 million at today’s gold price. But in the 90s, gold traded under $390/ounce…roughly one-fourth what it trades at today. Untold resources in gold were left in the ground as being uneconomical to produce.

The Elk Gold Project is a fully developed mine site with close access to essential infrastructure, supplies and labor. Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) reports that the site can be brought into production very quickly and at relatively low cost compared to other sites where surface development is not nearly as advanced.

Fast forward to 2021 and its an entirely different picture. Gold trades over $1,950/ounce and mining technology is light years ahead of three decades ago.

Mining at Elk Gold is not only economical now…it could be wildly profitable.

On top of the 500,000 ounces in known resources, the exploration potential at the Elk Gold Project could yield millions more ounces in future discoveries, plus other metals like silver, molybdenum, and copper.

This is where enormous growth potential resides for buy-and-hold Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) shareholders.

The exploration potential at the Elk Gold Project has only begun. This region in British Columbia is already well known for its potential for significant recoveries of gold, silver and other valuable metals. Geologists and the investors behind Gold Mountain believe much more remains to be discovered at the Elk Gold Project site. Private investment has already put up $10 million to prove it!

With mining production scheduled for Q4 of 2021, Gold Mountain management projects it will generate sufficient free cash flow off gold sales to pursue aggressive development exploration into 2022. This could be hugely significant for an early Gold Mountain investor who adopts a buy-and-hold strategy.

And there’s the key…get started with your due diligence now. This could be a massive, wealth-building win for your portfolio.

The provincial government of British Columbia reports that is is “a national leader in mining and mineral production. B.C. has vast deposits of copper, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead, zinc and more than 30 industrial minerals.” Source

You can access a free download of Gold Mountain Mining’s current 59-page investor presentation deck here.

Get started with a visit to the company website. Download Gold Mountain’s current Elk Gold Project Presentation Deck for an in-depth look into the company’s development plans.

This is the same deck that was presented for securing the $10 million in private placement funding! It’s a must-read for any potential investor! It’s packed with valuable information and important disclaimers that are essential for any prudent investment decision.

While on site, be sure to register your email address for future news and updates.

Consider contacting your broker to put Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) on your watch list. In fact, consider getting some skin in the game while Gold Mountain shares continue to trade at what could be a fraction of its long-term potential.

Most important, don’t set this aside. British Columbia is being scoured for investment opportunities by aggressive resource investors. Gold Mountain remains off-radar, but that could end at any time.

Here are six important facts to keep in mind as you start your research.

  1. Gold Mountain Mining’s Elk Gold Project kicks off with 500,000 ounces of gold resources already quantified.
  2. The company is well-financed with $10 million to carry it through to its gold production target date of Q4, 2021.
  3. The company has aligned itself with strategic partners to create cost certainty in their mining, hauling and ore purchase processes.
  4. The company’s Preliminary Economic Assessment (published in the investor deck) projects free cash flow within one-month of first gold production, which self-funds ongoing exploration activity.
  5. This region of British Columbia has a long history of prolific mining activity and is now in the midst of a modern day gold mining resurgence. Additional exploration at the Elk Gold Project could greatly multiply its resource figures and future gold production, which would accelerate shareholder value.
  6. Unlike other junior gold opportunities… Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) plans to fully develop the potential of the Elk Gold Project by carrying through to mine production. This accrues the full value of all discovered resources to shareholder value!


JDS Mining, one of the world’s leading mine development and engineering company is already on site doing the pre-feasibility work that precedes mining activity. JDS’s presence at the Elk Gold Project greatly elevates the project’s visibility to resource investors. Gold Mountain Mining (TSX.V: GMTN) could already be lighting up radar screens!

Get started now…this could be one of the biggest wealth-building opportunities you can find in the market today. Go now to:

Pots Stocks and Watches – Only The Best

Pots. Stocks. Watches……..

Nothing really new here, short of a quick breakdown of my “preferred” in all categories, so….ya that’s right. Pots, stocks and watches. You got a problem with that? Now now…..

It all comes together if / when you recognize the corelations.

Let’s start with pots.

For me its very simple. You buy the absolute best pots you can afford, and take care of them. They can last you a lifetime.

My personal favourites are “Le Creuset”.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset Cookware Company has come to be known for its production of high quality and individual enameled pots and pans. The first of their products was a covered casserole (called a cocotte).

As the company grew, it became increasingly popular. As such, Le Creuset started adding to its line. After World War II, the company continued making cookware – even proceeding to export all over Europe and to the United States.

Le Crueset Pots

Le Crueset Pots

Here are a couple of reasons why I love the cookware they sell:

– It is durable

– It heats food evenly and perfectly

– You’ll have an easy time with the cleanups due to the enameled coating

– It looks amazing

– It is of a high quality

– It can be used with ceramic, induction, electric, and gas ranges

– The flat bottom will sit well on your cook top/stove

– It comes with porcelain enamel coating that won’t absorb flavors or odors

– The lids are designed to seal in flavor and moisture

– The knobs are heatproof (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit)

– It’s heavy, meaning you should be able to turn off a casserole or soup 30 minutes before it’s due and the food will continue cooking within the retained heat of your pot.

These pots are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend them.

Now Stocks…..

These days markets are on fire with just about everything under the sun going up. Tech stocks have taken a reasonable pullback and its fine time to just get back into the market and start buying.

These days I’ve been buying several low share price Canadian stocks, as well as keeping an eye on oil as well the usual high flyers such as Tesla and Apple.


No brainer here. I am the proud owner of a Breitling Super Avenger II.

Avenger and Super Avenger timepieces from Breitling are two great self-winding mechanical chronographs that have the capability to withstand substantial water pressures, up to 300 meters. These diving timepieces come from the series that includes exceptional products for divers, both mechanical and with Superquartz movements.

Unsurprisingly, since it is the case for the entire palette of Breitling’s products, the faces of Avenger and Super Avenger are guarded with cambered sapphirecrystals that were treated to be anti-reflective on both sides.

Here’s a quick look at mine:



So there is it….in a nutshell if you do all right picking decent stocks well………you just might be able to afford the pots and watches.


Buy The Dip – Next Week Rips Higher

It’s been a real tricky one here folks. The pullback…..the volatility in general but….

For those of you with dry powder, the daily cycle has now most certainly confirmed a “new daily cycle” ( as of Wednesday ) so…..I’d be a buyer here this morning – seeing markets down pre-market could be a nice little opportunity.

Don’t let the jobs data phase you. It’s the same bullshit / phoney baloney U.S economic recovery we’ve been hearing about for what – years now? Don’t let the data get in your way – just buy stocks here “again” and keep a watchful eye on the highs.

american gorilla

                                                          american gorilla buys the dip

Stock Market Bottom – Extended Crypto Cycles

Ok ok…don’t get too excited all right? Please….

You as a stock trader / investor obviously………looking for some kind of direction / light at the end of the tunnel / idea of the future / means to make a decision. Fair enough.

As suggested earlier –  the volatility ( in my view ) certainly indication of something larger…..something looming…something ominous.. something – unknown.

Something you just can’t put your finger on  ( or more likely – “are unwilling to do so” ) as “you” as well  – see it so clearly.

Something’s not right. You know it. Your gut knows it. I know you know it. You know that I know – you know it. Son of a bitch ‘eh?

cryptos ready to go

            cryptos ready to go

Simply put. I see the daily cycle in both stocks as well cryptos as being “extremely stretched” ( some 50 days now ) with thought in mind that……as the algo’s change ( from buy to sell ) the bumps in the road get larger….the time between cycles get wider….”everything” starts pushing you to the limits of your psychological ability to “hang in there” and keep trading / soldiering on.

We will now push to new highs ( or very, very close ) in equities……and cryptos will rebound.

It will be at this point ( near the all time highs in equities ) that I challenge your psychological being once again……

Consider equities topping out at this point ( near new highs / possibly a notch higher ) then some incredible instance where billions fall out of equities markets, only to land on every coin / crypto they possibly can at rock bottom prices.

Sector rotation? Can you consider cryptocurrencies a sector yet? ( 300 billion dollar market cap at present..hmmmm….) Guess it’s just a fad.

Tulips baby….cryptotulips.




Time Travel – Stock Markets – Cryptos ‘n Space

Time travel is a bitch you know….

You feel as though you’ve only been gone for a second yet…. on return soon realize things have really changed. I mean like………really changed.

It’s been a fairly long time…and I apologize for that. Travelling the cosmos in search of new technologies is an arduous task yet incredibly satisfying when you hit your mark. Unfortunately this time I’ve come back to Earth somewhat empty handed, realizing that for the most part……seemingly…Earth itself is the current “hot bed of activity” with respect to new technologies and advancement.

What do you know eh?… if only we could stop killing each other, and perhaps slow the rate of environmental destruction to a crawl – maybe there’s a chance Elon gets a few of his supporters up to Mars before Trump nukes Korea. Bravo Elon….you’re on the right track brotha.

As I said….things have changed quite dramatically since my last visit.

Looking into markets, I continue to invest heavily in cryptocurrencies as ( if you don’t quite get the full picture – totally understandable and not unlike the vast majority of people ) this being the point exactly.

We stand on the cusp of a new era. A new beginning. A fresh start for those a generation behind, where “old money” still struggles with the concept. Totally understandable. It’s wild. It’s nutty……but it “is” the future, and it “will” change the face of our current economic system. There is incredible opportunity here so please….don’t sell yourself short. You can do it. You can learn this. You’ll get it. I promise.



Litecoin. Research it. Bitcoin…will inevitably become a “store of value” much like gold exists in our current paradigm. Understand it. Tron/TRX  is a token out of China that I have 100% confidence will provide 100X returns over coming years ( yes I said years ) so throw that on your radar as well. Justin Sun ( Tron’s creator ) is the protegé of Jack Ma ( I bet you know what Alibaba is no? ) so imagine when these guys put a few more deals together. Tron gonna fly.

As for Forex……well. My long-term predictions on the “ultimate demise of the U.S dollar” are obviously coming to fruition. This dog has been tanking now for months ( nailed it / killed it / banked coin ) and to be honest…….I’ve completely lost interest. There is no debate. The U.S Dollar will continue to fall, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies….likely harder / faster than originally suggested.

You can STILL short USD – like……Monday morning.

Stocks are insane…..I’m not touching them with a ten foot laser beam as…..the volatility ( -724 type days ) is a larger indication of the Wall St. machines “slowly” switching the algos to “sell”. Cover your asses….keep profits / hang on to cash and stop considering “this will go up forever” – cuz it won’t. Catch what you can over coming months but…….I’m 100% out of stocks….short of the continued rise in Canadian marijuana companies.

It will take a single headline these days ( Trump impeachment ?? ) to wipe out every single nickel you’ve made over the past year so…….take heed. Party on.






A Day ‘er Two Early So What? – Cryptos Bottom!

I’ve got little to add……the crypto space has now bottomed with Bitcoin retracing to the full 61.8 Fib mark.

For those of you “chickens” still not interested in getting a Crypto Account – you can research the stock symbol GBTC – Bitcoin Investment Trust – I just bought 10k at 11.75

This thing will move up as bitcoin does.

Have atter….I’m off to to purchase more Tron at .04 cents




Crypto Space To Bounce – Bitcoin and All

The recently created futures contract in Bitcoin expired here on January the Wall St boys should be “about done” with the crypto beat down ( so they can just buy lower ).

This coupled with the Chinese new year “spending splurge” ( where millions of people across Asia and the rest of the planet dump assets in order to send money home or buy ceramic cats ).

An interesting set of circumstances don’t you think? With concerns over Korean crypto exchanges sprinkled on top this has all compounded into the most serious pullback we’ve seen EVER!


cryptos ready to go

cryptos ready to go

The question begs… you believe in crypto currencies or not? Seriously……do you BELIEVE in crypto currencies or not?

Pullback complete…..Ripple good, Litecoin good…Bitcoin good. Everything good!



Kong Buys More Cryptos! – Tron and Cardano

Ok so here’s the deal.

You’re seeing all this activity in the big cryptos such as Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum still doing very well. But! – You can’t find a way to get in on ALL THESE OTHER ALT COINS with incredible technology and incredible potential, such as TRON and CARDANO.

I have a work around for both Canadians and U.S visitors as I have endured endless hours researching to get this right.

If you are Canadian…first start an account at QuadrigaCX via this link:

This account can easily be connected to your Canadian bank account. Very low fees and extreme ease of use. You can then buy the biggies such as ETH, BTC and LTC – IN CANADIAN CURRENCY! Excellent!

Once you’ve got some skin in the game / BTC purchased… can then go through the simple process of transferring to other platforms such as and

I’ve just bought a shit load of both TRON ( TRX/USD ) as well CARDANO ( ADA/USD ) as both these coins / technologies have far more upside potential than the now “dated Bitcoin”. Great coin….but these smaller companies have now improved the technology so significantly……Bitcoin has opened the flood gates, but won’t be the worlds adopted platform.

Kong Celebrates A Little Early

Kong Buys TRON and CARDANO



Check Your Heads – Cryptos Up – USD Tanking

Let’s count the days since calling “short USD at will”.

Check yer levels and check your heads – this thing is going “full retard” ( please forgive the movie / quote reference – I didn’t say it….I don’t agree with it but just said it anyway – Movie: Tropic Thunder = hilarious)

Count the days since suggesting to buy Lite Coin…..Xmas MORE THAN PAID FOR!

Your News Years Resolutions: ( not mine )

  1. Start Crypto Currency account. ( Kong will advise ).
  2. Stop worrying ( starting a crypto account will take care of this )
  3. Mentally prepare for one of the most exciting years of your life.

Anyone got a problem here?

We don’t sit idle. We don’t “wait”.

We go easy make nice……..but we move forward!

Kong Strong

Kong Strong

Hope you all had a merry ho ho ho.

Get bent if you’re not back at the charts.

It’s time to get to work.