Falling Oil Prices = Slowing Global Demand

With readership here at Kong now doubling “again” over the past few months – I struggle to understand what “new information” people are looking for.

You do understand that the recent fall in oil prices ( well …actually not so recent considering it’s been falling like a rock since June – down from 110 to now 58 bucks a barrel ) is a blatant and obvious indication that “global growth” and “global demand for oil” is falling off a cliff right?

Seriously…….if you don’t see the connection between “supply and demand” in something this blatant and simple well…….one has to wonder “what you do see” – if anything relevant at all.

Finally something “other than The Fed / mainstream media bullshit” to get you off the couch and start asking yourself?

Could it actually be? You mean all this Kong talk of “global slowdown” over the past months ( despite the ridiculous rise in equity pricing ) is actually for real?

Give your head a shake. The world outside your tiny bubble of plastic wrap and pizza boxes is selling off like hotcakes and you still think Apple looks like a buy here at 110.

Oil related currencies such as The Canadian Dollar as well The Mexican Peso are getting creamed even as The U.S Dollar is falling hard, and The Japanese Yen enters “lift off stage”.

Debate over the next couple weeks and “what ever miniscule points are left” in the general propping up of both Japanese and American markets is a dead mule.

Step back and imagine oil at 30 bucks…perhaps that will get your attention.


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  1. The Pontificus December 13, 2014 / 12:14 pm

    USD is falling hard? yen taking off? You live in such a funny fantasy.

    I outlined the fundamental case for falling energy prices on my blog back in October. It is indicative of global demand falling off, but future demand as discounted by the market. It does not mean the wheels are coming off the world at large. Lol. It will cause its own set of imbalances and upheavals, but you are severely misguided as usual.

    • Pot Stock Watch December 14, 2014 / 11:14 am

      Hilarious….USD/JPY down nearly 500 pips in a matter of days and you “don’t” see Yen bottom / USD top.

      Then you go on to “agree” that global demand for oil is falling off. Again….hilarious.

      I think it was you as well “shrugging off” reference to $GDOW, $TSX, rolling over etc…

      How are those charts looking today? New high you think? How bout “never seeing these levels again?

      • The Pontificus December 14, 2014 / 6:56 pm

        The market thinks demand for oil in the future is lower. But not for the reasons YOU think. Because it will be replaced.

        And yeah, just looked at a daily chart of usd/jpy and had to laugh at you some more 🙂

        • Pot Stock Watch December 15, 2014 / 4:41 am

          Oil to be replaced?? Now if thats not the supidest thing Ive heard in a long while!

          Ya ……maybe by 2100.

          Keep it coming trolls. You stick with “that idea”.

      • Funske December 15, 2014 / 1:46 am

        You still don´t get it Kong, the yen sell-off will continue soon. For you a insignificant, hardly visible on larger tf charts correction of 500 pips is a crash but it´s absolutely nothing. No it’s not the unwinding of the carry trade nor is the world collapsing right now.

        New highs in USDJPY soon. Be prepared Kong, I even doubt that you even have an account left after all these awful calls on your blog. Let me give you an important advice: STOP reading Zerohedge and use your own brains.

        Happy trading !

  2. manny December 15, 2014 / 4:49 pm

    wow, I love it; a good argument

    I will wait and trade whatever I see!!

    Falling oil prices, well considering we were saved 7 years ago
    by the same baboons that did not see the first mess coming….
    It is probably time for the wheels to fall off this new bus they
    have us riding..
    But then I always prefer the simplest explanation

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