Kathy Lien – Completely Wrong About USD

Another CNBC talking head pushing her latest headline: Fed Statement Is Good News For U.S. Dollar

How do these “supposed” industry analysts get this stuff so completely and totally wrong?? While a simple off planet ape keeps getting it right?

Kathy Lien Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management is obviously just another cog in the media wheel, sputtering out mindless garb aimed at keeping you trusting, keeping you in belief that the financial systems are stable and working in your favor.

Overnight here in the jungle, The U.S Dollar has finally broken support – after trading sideways for essentially the entire month, and things look very ugly in Japan. The Nikkei is now down -630 ( 3.6 % ) and USD has absolutely dive bomb a full 300 pips vs JPY. The short USD trade will finally pay “the big one” allowing me to finally purchase the magnets and nuclear material I need to get back home.

The profits are staggering. Thank you Kathy –  for selling the retail trading community “exactly what I needed” to catch the vast majority of them on the wrong side of the trade. I will be closing these trades immediately ( as many will just now look to get in ) and continue to place smaller trades “under the action”.

It will be interesting to see how the next couple trading days go there in the U.S. That ol saying ( however cliché ) Sell in May – Go away. I don’t really buy it. So we’ll see.