Kong Books Profits – Across The Board

Simply said – I’ve done somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-800 pips and taken “immeasurable profits” here today. There could be more on the table but…I don’t work that way.

I have no back button in my browser.

USD/JPY has now touched the 200SMA “from above” as well AUD/JPY ( my ultimate risk barometer! ) so…I don’t need to squeeze a single penny more.

I am 100% cash ( short of my recent purchase of ACB – Aurora Cannabis ) at 2.78 – Feel free to ask me about that.

Rock n roll my people! Good luck to all!




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  1. Lyon Ortega April 14, 2017 / 1:17 am

    Lets hear about ACB!!! I’m checking it out now…

  2. Chris Van Eaton April 14, 2017 / 6:54 am

    Aloha Kong,

    What is the skinny on ACB? Out of all the cannabis stocks out there.. why this one?
    We have done well with usdjpy.. thank you. Still short nzdusd.


    • Pot Stock Watch April 14, 2017 / 2:05 pm

      Guys…I am intrinsically involved with another Canadian pot stock ( soon to go IPO ) and the owners of ACB are just a phone call away. They’v just taken another 75 million in capital / money raise and ( please don’t quote me here yet! ) are quite interested in what my guys are putting together on this new company.

      I’ll be heading up the online marketing efforts of this new one, and we are set for open some time in the fall.

      I was the former marketing director for one of the largest online poker rooms on the planet ( spent 7 years in Costa Rica running that ) and see the cannabis industry very much the same as “the good ol days” in online gambling.These stocks in general have already seen their “initial burst” and have leveled off in waiting for Canada to formally legalize marijuana come spring/summer of 2018.

      They will likely “never” go lower so….this is some serious ground level shit.

      If anyone is interested in keeping up to speed with me and my efforts pop an email in here: https://potstockwatch.com/pot-stock-investing-in-pot-stocks/ and I’ll keep you tuned in.

      Don’t expect some lengthy report…but the email list will be pot specific as I move aggressively into the sector.

      I know these guys well. I know this industry is in it’s infancy, and I plan on investing heavily. Feel free to follow along. You’ll hear me talking / blabbing about it much more as we move into the fall.

      Again….hit the link and input yer email – there won’t be anything sent to you for some time but…can’t hurt to get onboard.

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